One of the many benefits of timber frame construction is the speed with which buildings can be erected.

An example of a Modern Method of Construction (MMC), timber frame structures are prefabricated offsite under quality-controlled conditions before being transported to the project location. This allows for construction to begin even whilst foundations are being laid.

Once delivered, wall panels, trusses, and floor joists can be assembled quickly – we’re talking days rather than months. Take a look at our time-lapse video to watch this process.

With the structure now water-tight, second fix work can begin far more quickly than is possible with traditional construction. This is particularly useful should you have a tight build schedule or if you get hit by adverse weather conditions. Rain (snow or frost) does not stop play!

Whether eager to get inside your new home, or looking for a faster return on investment, the speed of construction associated with timber frame is a huge help.

More information on the benefits of timber frame can be found via The Structural Timber Association.