I-Joists, otherwise known as I-beams, are a factory-made, structurally engineered timber product, providing outstanding strength and durability. The timber joist has an I-shaped cross- section comprising top and bottom flanges made of softwood or LVL (laminated veneer lumber) fixed to a tall vertical web of OSB (oriented strand board) or similar.

I-Joists are lightweight and easy to handle. They are incredibly strong in relation to their size and weight.  They can span to around six metres.

I-Joists aren’t prone to warping or shrinkage, making them the ideal choice for quiet floors! They can be used to build flat or pitched roofs and are suited to residential and commercial builds of all scales.

Technical Details

Depth220*, 240, 300, 350* and 400*mm
Flange Widths47, 60, 70 and 97mm

*Webs for this depth would need to be ordered in.


Metal Web Joists (Posi-Joist)

An engineered joist with a wavy metal web centre, Metal Web Joists are known by many brand names – Taylor Lane uses the MiTek Posi-Joist system. They are extremely strong combining the lightness of timber with the strength of a Posi-Strut steel web and are easy to handle.

Far greater distances can be spanned than would be possible with standard timber products. The open web design makes the installation of services and utilities far simpler and quicker, reducing both labour costs and time on site.

Each Posi-Joist is specifically designed for your project. By altering the flange widths Taylor Lane can produce a variety of designs to suit any performance specification. Our experienced in-house designers can answer any questions you have.

Posi-Joists aren’t prone to shrinkage or warping and can be used for flat and pitched roofs.

Technical Details

Depth202, 225, 254 and 304 and 373*mm. Top or bottom hung
Flange Widths72, 97, 122 and 147mm

*This size is not kept in stock so would need to be order in.