There are several reasons why timber frame can be a cost effective option for house builders.


Timber frame dwellings can be completed far more quickly than those constructed using traditional methods, such as brick and block. Reduced labour costs and a quicker return on investment are just two of the cost related benefits that the speed of timber frame construction brings.

Material cost

Although not significantly so, timber frame is cheaper than brick and block in terms of materials used. And whilst the cost savings made on this element of the build are not huge, when added to the costs being saved due to reduced manpower, less time needed for scaffolding etc it all adds up!

Energy efficiency

Timber construction offers excellent energy efficiency, with superior insulation values that can reduce energy costs over time. This can translate into significant savings in the long run for homeowners.

Design flexibility

Timber frame can be easily adapted to different architectural styles and building designs. This flexibility can reduce design and engineering costs while also allowing for creativity and customisation.

Reducing labour, material and energy costs while also offering sustainable and flexible design options, timber frame provides a practical and economical solution for homeowners and builders alike.


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