The Taylor Lane Subcontractor Award Scheme…

Maintaining the highest of standards when it comes to health & safety is high on the agenda for Taylor Lane Timber Frame Limited.

We know it is important to our subcontractors too and so we have developed an award scheme that will celebrate their hard work in this area.

Several key criteria are used as the basis for this award, which will be awarded and presented bi-monthly by our Contracts department to a team that has gone above and beyond that which is expected of them.

SC4 CARPENTERS LIMITED are the first recipients of this award, having excelled in their approach to health & safety on site already, whilst still continually striving to find ways of improving in any way possible. In particular, they have played a proactive part in effective planning, with their efficient management of materials and works on site.

Taylor Lane Timber Frame Limited and SC4 CARPENTERS LIMITED have proved a formidable team on a number of projects since 2017. In particular, Stoneham Park for Highwood Group where 5 build phases have been completed, with a 6th underway and a 7th due to start towards the end of this year. To date, Taylor Lane has delivered over 400 units for Highwood Group, with the help of SC4.

The team were awarded a certificate, before being treated to a full English breakfast as a thank you for their continued efforts!