b'Our ProductsAs a respected timber frame manufacturer, we supply all you need to complete your build, fast and effectively.Timber frame kits - sole plates, panels, pre-insulated panels and roof trussesEngineered wood productsI-Joists, metal web joists, Ultralam & Glulam beams and floor cassettesRoof trussessuitable for use on timber frame, masonry and steel constructionFabricated steelCE certified Class 2 steel fabricatorJoineryto enhance your buildWhy Choose Timber FrameThere are many benefits associated with timber frame construction not least the time and financial rewards of this fast and efficient build method.Offsite construction also means less waste, minimal risk and shorter build schedules.We had worked with them [Taylor Lane] previously and Benefits of Timber Frame Construction were happy to continue that relationship knowing the quality of the frame and the Accurate manufacturing & constructionservice that we would receive.techniquesJohn Durkan, Fast & efficient build method Head of Commercial, MorganstoneOffsite constructionreduces build times and costsEnvironmental alternative to traditional building materialsThermally efficientTrade-friendlywith built in service voidswww.taylor-lane.co.uk'