Cutting Edge Investment for Taylor Lane

As part of our strategic investment programme, we have invested in a new fully automated cutting machine from Hundegger, the TURBO-Drive II (TD II), designed to cut roof truss components and engineered wood products.

The new linear saw will improve efficiency in our dedicated truss and joist factory, reducing cutting times for entire floor kits by around 50%, with reduced labour and manual handling.

With the addition of optional extras, the machine also transforms into a fully automated woodworking centre with drilling and milling capabilities.

Built-in software combines with fast and precise cutting technology to improve timber yields, optimising cuts to reduce wastage.

Synchronisation with our internal drawing office and real-time performance reports boost accuracy and productivity while the history log and error notifications help minimise downtime and aid diagnostics via remote access.

The TD II was installed over five days under the guidance of our factory foreman, Martin Bartek.  Having identified a requirement for a new machine, Martin project managed the investment – reviewing specifications, features and calculating the ROI.

Jon Lane of Taylor Lane Timber Frame comments:

“We believe that despite the challenges affecting the building industry, now is the time to invest and develop our capability and services.

“We have been fortunate to complete several large and prestigious contracts in recent years, each with individual requirements and targets.  To meet these demands we strengthened our proposition, developing new and innovative solutions including our Therma Line 115 Closed Panel System.  The new TD II allows us to extend our offering further still, for example, cutting holes in floor joists for duct runs and milling and routing for glulam structures.

“Overall, this investment enables us to keep pace with ever-increasing demands for more elements of housebuilding to be completed offsite.”

This is the second TD II commissioned by Taylor Lane.



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"We have had a very good experience with Taylor Lane, with great service from start to finish. We especially enjoyed the tour of the professional factory."

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"Taylor Lane were key to the design process. They do all the engineering calculations...and tell you if something’s possible or not, calculate the truss requirements etc. "

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"We have a long history with Taylor Lane. They have worked with Lovell and been part of our supply chain for well over 15 years, that I know to. When I have visited Hereford (on a number of occasions), it’s a welcoming business that’s open, honest and transparent on all matters commercial, design, technical. We quickly derived confidence that they were the right choice for us...and that’s been vindicated by performance onsite thereafter."

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"We had worked with them [Taylor Lane] previously and were happy to continue that relationship knowing the quality of the frame and the service that we would receive."

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