Modern family home, Herefordshire

A former builder, Dave Carpenter had always dreamt of building his own home. “I really wanted to be close to a project, to see it come to life – from paper and planning to building a home out of the ground, and ensuring excellence at every stage.”

For his first self-build Dave wanted to create a top-quality home full of character, and “…to design something bespoke, with some fantastic features.”

Having looked at the build options available to him, Dave decided on a timber frame construction. “We used our savings to fund the build so both time and quality were of the essence; timber frame can be erected very quickly and achieves impressive energy values.”

Dave was thorough in his research of timber frame suppliers; searching online and contacting people who had previously built with timber frame and asking their advice.  He chose Taylor Lane as he felt that they were approachable and would be there to guide and advise him every step of the way.  He was also impressed that he could get superior quality at such a competitive price.

“I visited the Taylor Lane factory and was able to see every aspect of construction, from the draftsman to production.  This proved invaluable during the build as everything was managed seamlessly – we purchased the whole package from skirting and architrave to doors and insulation. We could be confident that everything would be perfectly crafted and fitted to absolute precision.

“This was my first self-build and a lifelong dream. It was a little daunting to begin with but I have learned that it’s all about the team you have around you, without that your dream can turn into a nightmare! I had a brilliant team and Taylor Lane were an essential part of that; they were approachable, professional and experts in their field, I felt in very good hands.”


Taylor Lane Services

"We have had a very good experience with Taylor Lane, with great service from start to finish. We especially enjoyed the tour of the professional factory."

5/ 5 Stars

"Taylor Lane were key to the design process. They do all the engineering calculations...and tell you if something’s possible or not, calculate the truss requirements etc. "

5/ 5 Stars

"We have a long history with Taylor Lane. They have worked with Lovell and been part of our supply chain for well over 15 years, that I know to. When I have visited Hereford (on a number of occasions), it’s a welcoming business that’s open, honest and transparent on all matters commercial, design, technical. We quickly derived confidence that they were the right choice for us...and that’s been vindicated by performance onsite thereafter."

5/ 5 Stars

"We had worked with them [Taylor Lane] previously and were happy to continue that relationship knowing the quality of the frame and the service that we would receive."

5/ 5 Stars
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