Timber Frame

Sole Plates

Taylor Lane uses standard platform frame construction. This utilises a soleplate to provide an accurate template onto which the timber frame can be fixed down to. It also secures the DPC in position, protecting it from damage. The number of layers of sole plates required is determined by whether insulation is used in the ground floor make up, but generally our most common detail is a single soleplate as this reduced shrinkage in the frame.

Sole plates are either shot fired to the concrete slab (single sole plate), fixed down using soleplate angles or drilled and plugged.

The soleplates are treated with a preservative (VAC VAC) to prevent deterioration of the timbers. Sole and Top plates lap with the frames to help tie the whole structure together.


Timber frame panels are manufactured in the factory for accuracy. All frame timbers are structural grade C16. Frame studs are usually @ 600c/c although internal sheathed panels have studs @ 400c/c to prevent deformation created by the sheathing. Panels generally do not exceed 3.6m long to aid handling on site by erectors but panels can be made larger if and when required.

External wall panels utilise 90 or 140mm studs with an external layer of sheathing. The sheathing is generally 9mm OSB but others can be supplied including Plywood. Breather paper is then fitted using polypropylene tape and stainless steel staples. The red tape marks out the stud positions so that studs can easily be found when adding wall ties to the panels.
Internal load bearing wall panels usually utilise 90mm studs but sometimes comprise of 140mm studs. Engineers may also call up studs at different centres to increase load bearing or wind resistance capacity.
External and internal load bearing panels as called up by the engineer have softwood or engineered timber lintels and in some cases steel lintels are used, these can in most cases be factory fitted, but sometimes are sent loose if deemed unsuitable for transportation.

Internal non-load bearing wall panels utilise either 90 or 63mm studs. These are left unsheathed and can have a central row of noggins to help restrain them if required.

Pre-insulated Panels

Insulation can be supplied by Taylor Lane and can be factory fitted to speed up installation on site. We supply, as standard, insulation which adheres to the Robust details E-WT-1 for Acoustic and Thermal Compliance. As regulations change constantly we can quote for whatever insulation you require.

Thermal Compliance: – Taylor Lane Therma Line

We can currently achieve U-Values as low as 0.144 W/m²K with Low Thermal Bridging with a ‘y” value of 0.05

The above uses Kingspan Thermawall TW55 Rigid Urethane Insulation Board (or equivalent) For further specifications of a range of varying U-Values we can achieve please download our Therma Line Flyer from our Downloads page.

Acoustic Compliance (Party Wall Construction):

We achieve the current requirements specified by Part E of the Building Regulations and adherence to Robust Detail E-WT-1, through our stipulation that dry lining to party walls with a minimum mass of 22Kg/m2 per unit area, must be provided. Any joints in boards to be in staggered layers with intermediate insulation in each leaf to be 10 to 60Kg/m3.
Robust Detail E-WT-1, 90mm Insulation

Part E Building Regs. 40 dB Min.
Test Range 47-65 dB
Mean Performance 55 dB

We can also full sheath our Party Walls to Robust Detail E-WT-2,  please stipulate your requirements at quotation stage. More information about Robust Detail can be found by visiting http://www.robustdetails.com