Floor Joists

All our floors can be supplied to compliment your timber frame kit or can be supplied on their own to go with a brick and block build.

Soft Wood:
Taylor Lane can supply traditional timber floors that are manufactured from a range of C24 Grade Timbers. Normally joists are 195 x 45mm, but depending upon the spans involved they can be supplied in 70 or 90mm widths. Soft-wood joists are ideal for smaller builds where relatively short spans are involved. We can also supply 220mm C24 Joists which can be used in Flats or can span further than the standard 195mm. Both sizes can be supplied as a loose floor for onsite construction – all timbers are marked up to be assembled, with all hangers labelled where necessary. Alternatively, floor cassettes can be supplied for hassle free installation, and to overcome safety issues whilst erecting. These are ideal for larger builds to speed up installation. Any joist hangers and ancillaries required can be supplied by Taylor Lane.

Engineered Joists:
If required we can supply engineered timber products which are high quality alternatives to traditional building materials, and generally result in the timber frame benefitting from less settlement after building.

I-joists (also known as I-Beams) are a man made, structurally engineered wood product, which has incredible strength in relation to its size and weight. They are produced by re-forming timber fibres using a range of advanced patented processes. This ensures a product with unrivalled consistency, uniformity and performance. The I-Joists are available in four depths, 241 being our most common size, 302, 356 and 406mm with flange widths of 45,59, 89mm and in lengths up to 12m. As such they are suited to residential or commercial builds of all scales. Laminated strand lumber and Parallel strand lumber can also be used for beams, lintels, purlins and rim board. They have a superior stiffness, strength and dimensional stability over sawn timbers. I-joists can also be used to build flat or pitched roofs. LINK TO ANY I JOIST ROOFS WE HAVE DONE.

Metal Web Joists (Posi Joists):
Taylor Lane can also supply Posi-Joist floor joist systems. We offer an in house design, manufacture and supply service. Using Mitek software and ancillary components we manufacture to the highest quality and reliability. Posi-Joists combine the lightness of timber with the strength of a Posi-Strut steel web. Far greater distances can be spanned than would be possible with standard timber products. The open web design makes the installation of services and utilities far simpler and quicker, reducing both labour costs and time on site. Posi-Joists can be supplied with up to 150mm extra length, forming a ‘Trimmable End’ allowing bearing discrepancies to be corrected with simple on site trimming. Posi-Joists are made from TR26 grade timber and are available from us in three depths of 223, 254 and 302mm. By altering the flange widths 72, 97, 122, 147 and 197mm we can produce a variety of different designs to suit any performance specification. Posi-Joists can also be utilised for flat and pitched roofs. LINK TO ANY POSI JOIST ROOFS WE HAVE DONE?

Party Floor Acoustic Compliance:
We achieve the current requirements specified by Part E of the Building Regulations and adherence to Robust Detail E-FT-1 to ensure that site testing is not required. Floor make up should follow our Standard Party Floor Details available in our login section of this website.

Robust Detail E-FT-1

Part E Building Regs. Test Range Mean Performance
Airborne 45 dB Min. 47-55 dB 50 dB
Impact 62 dB Min. 46-58 dB 53 dB