Privacy policy

Taylor Lane Timber Frame Limited is committed to providing our staff, customers, working associates and visitors; with a web site that respects their privacy. This page summarises the privacy policy and practices for this website.

Data collection

The Taylor Lane website does not automatically collect information from you such as name, email and address. However on some pages you may be given the opportunity to provide such information so that we can keep you informed and up to date with information regarding Taylor Lane Timber Frame Limited that may be useful to you. We will not share or sell any of this information to other companies or individuals and we take your privacy very seriously. Examples of pages that may require Taylor Lane to collect such information are login pages to restricted documents and the emailing list should you choose to join.

The E-mailing List

The E-mailing list has been designed to enable visitors of the Taylor Lane website to be informed about news and updates that may be of importance to them. We will only send occasional emails in plain text format, with no advertising from other companies and the member of the E-mailing list can unsubscribe at anytime by revisiting the website. As mentioned previously, none of your details will be passed on to a third party.


The Taylor Lane website utilises the latest server technology and therefore does not use old style cookies. The Taylor lane website does however store limited temporary information on the Taylor Lane server. This information is stored in a format called server side sessions and all collected data is deleted after the visitor has left the website. The kind of information that is stored in these sessions has no value or meaning to an individual and is just used to help the server manage tasks such as logging a visitor into restricted sections of the Taylor Lane website.

Visitor Statistics

The Taylor Lane website automatically collects general information about the visitors to the website. Examples of this are which country the visitor is from and which browser the visitor is using. This is standard practice and such information is only used to help monitor the performance of the website.


The Taylor Lane website may contain links to other web sites which are offered to provide relevant information to visitors of the website. Taylor Lane Limited cannot be responsible for the content of these links although we endeavour to include only useful and relevant companies on our links pages.

More information

Should you require any additional information regarding our privacy policy please contact us and we will endeavour to answer your questions.