Manufacturing Facilities

Taylor Lane’s manufacturing facilities are split into three main sites: the Panel factory, Trussed Rafter & Floor Factory and Steel Fabrication.

All sites, including the Offices, are within a mile radius from one another and are linked via a network enabling information to be transferred at the touch of a button between our CAD system and machines.

We employ 50 skilled technicians to operate machines and build our panels and floors.

Total manufacturing space covers an area of 4580 Sq.m. on approximately 4 Acres.

Timber Frame Panel Manufacture

Timber frame panels and gable panels are manufactured in our 2000sq.m Thorn factory.

The factory has a direct link to our drawing office, so timber take off lists can be sent directly to the saw for accurate cutting and fast, efficient assembly.

Soleplates are pre-cut and labelled for ease of installation on site.

Within this factory is a dedicated area for second fix joinery. Windows and doors can be fitted in the factory to save time on site. We can also supply other internal joinery such as stairs, so please try us for a quote.

Floor and Truss Assembly

Floors and Trusses are manufactured and assembled in our 2300 sq.m Gatehouse Road factory.

Taylor Lane can supply standard soft wood joists, I-beams and engineered metal web joists. This gives us great flexibility for a variety of applications.

Floors can be sent out loose pre-cut and labelled for ease of installation or as floor cassettes to aid health and safety and speed on site.

Roof trusses are manufactured along side the floors. We use Mitek truss and roof design software which is linked directly to the latest touch screen CNC computerised saw which enables accurate cutting of components at maximum speed. Trusses are then assembled on a 24 metre table press which provides flexibility in truss ‘set-up’.

Also on this site is the newest part of Taylor Lane, ‘Marches Timber Supplies’.

We supply exceptional quality timber for all building needs; including floor joists, roof timbers, plywood and other sheet materials. Our product range is continually growing as we listen to feedback from our customers, and has expanded to include insulation, tile batten and most recently metal straps, ties and connectors.

Steel Fabrication

Our steel fabrication factory (280 Sq.m.) is located next to our offices on our Chapel Road site, which is set on ¾ of an acre.

We currently employ 3 fabricators who have a wealth of experience between them. Welding techniques we cover include MIG, TIG, MMA (Manual Metal Arc) – all of our welding is coded.

Our facilities allow us to weld mild steel, alloy, stainless steel, cast and nickel. We can take on any type of fabrication so please contact us if you have any particular special requirements, including single beams.

We also have a full mobile unit to undertake site work.