Why make timber frame your construction method of choice?

Timber frame construction brings with it a number of benefits, all of which make it the ideal method of construction for developers.

Time savings – With a timber frame structure, typical time savings of 30% for a 2 storey house, and 50% for 4 storey flats can be achieved. The frames can be erected and made watertight in a matter of days, due to a substantial amount of the construction taking place in the factory, with only final assembly necessary on site. This also allows plumbers, electricians etc to get in and work within the building regardless of weather conditions, allowing for a more predictable construction schedule.

Further time savings are achieved as the dry construction method allows for internal decorating straight after completion of the building, negating the need for a ‘drying out’ period.

The time savings associated with timber frame construction all lead to a reduction in local disruption, and importantly, a faster financial return for developers.

Accurate construction – Timber frame is a precision engineered structure that is incredibly strong as well as durable.

Pre-fabricated panels are made in the factory in a controlled environment and the precise engineering involved in the process results in very high levels of consistency, as well as guaranteeing accuracy, with components fitting together exactly as designed.

Thermal efficiency – Due to the exceptional insulating properties of wood, timber frame homes not only meet, but far exceed the thermal efficiency standards new houses have to achieve. Current Building Regulations stipulate a minimum U value of 0.3w/m2k. Using timber frame, Taylor Lane are able to achieve a U value of 0.1 or even better if necessary.

The Passivhaus approach – This is an increasingly popular approach amongst developers, that is easily achievable with timber frame. It delivers homes with excellent thermal performance and energy efficiency through exceptional levels of airtightness, high levels of insulation, designing out of thermal bridging, triple glazed windows and the use of trusted renewables such as solar thermal panels and mechanical ventilation. An example of a site of houses built to these standards can be seen by following this link.

The environment – With the Government pushing for the building industry to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions caused by development, the pressure to become more environmentally aware is increasing all the time. Timber frame has the lowest CO2 cost of any commercially available building material. For every cubic meter of wood used instead of other building materials, 0.8 tonnes of CO2 is saved from the atmosphere.


Why do developers partner Taylor Lane on their projects?

Taylor Lane is committed to quality, and this is something we have built our whole reputation on over the past 30 years. Feedback from the developers we work with has indicated that this is something that is also very important to them.

However, we are also aware that time savings and budgets are important factors in your decision as to who to work with on your projects. Taylor Lane prides itself on its ability to be very competitive and adhere to delivery and erection schedules, whilst never compromising on quality.

Over the years we have formed some very successful partnerships with developers and built up an extensive portfolio of projects that we are very proud of. From schools to care homes to housing developments, we have worked on a huge variety of schemes and have built up long lasting working relationships with developers, as well as continually trying to establish new ones.

For examples of past builds we have done for our clients, take a look at our featured developments section.